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Consists of the wood from the osage-orange tree(Maclura pomifera). Osage contains a yellow dye similar to fustic and black oak and yields clear, true yellows to soft yellow greens. Osage grows throughout the south and central United States. 

  • Dye Amount: 2-5% WOF Extract, 20-30% WOF chips or saw dust
  • Color: True to soft yellows
  • Light fastness: Excellent
  • Wash fastness: Excellent
  • Mordant
    • Alum mordant at 15% WOF for protein fibers
    • Tannin mordant at 8% WOF for cellulose fibers and then alum at 15% WOF, or alum acetate at 8% WOF
  • Dyeing:
    • Chips or saw dust: Cover the chips or saw dust with boiling water and let soak overnight. Remove the chips/dust, add addition water to cover fiber and simmer at around 170 degrees but not more than 180 degrees for an hour. For Rich colors, leave the fibers to soak overnight.
    • Extract: Mix the extract in a small container of hot but not boiling water. Once thoroughly mixed, add to the dye bath and simmer for 45 minutes. For rich colors, allow the dye bath to cool overnight.
  • Color Variations
    • Brightened Yellows: add copper to the dye bath or dye in a copper pot
    • Olive Green: Add 2-4% ferrous sulfate
    • Emerald Green or Leaf green: Over dye or under Dye in indigo