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Ramie Top - 16 oz

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Ramie Top

Ramie Top fiber is white and lustrous and looks like silk, but it lacks stretch and elasticity. Extremely absorbent, much more than cotton, ramie fabric breathes well and makes comfortable clothing for warm and humid summers. Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibers and it is strong even when wet. Ramie fabric does not shrink and it is resistant to bacteria and mildew, which means it does not rot easily.

Ramie is also known as China grass, grass linen, rhea and grasscloth. Ramie fibers are one of the oldest natural vegetable fibers, used for thousands of years for fabric and clothing, including ancient Egyptian mummy wraps and shrouds.

Ramie is a member of the nettle family with growing more suited to tropical climates. This hardy perennial can be harvested up to six times a year with a useful crop life of 6 to 20 years and produces premium long vegetable fibers. It is a highly sustainable fiber source which makes it a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers.

Fiber: Ramie
Top/Roving Length: 4 meters per 100g (approximate)
Top/Roving Width: 1 inch (approximate)

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