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USPS says my package was delivered but I dont have it.

USPS says my package was delivered but I dont have it.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of seeing that your package was delivered according to the tracking, but you didn't actually receive it? This is a common problem that many online customers face. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out what happened and how to find your package. In this article, we'll discuss what steps you can take if tracking shows that your package was delivered but you didn't get it. We'll also explore some of the potential reasons why this may have happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Lets go through the steps to find your lost package.

  • Every day, USPS carriers scan their packages when they load them onto their vehicles for their daily routes. This allows the USPS to track each package and provide customers with an accurate delivery time. However, occasionally these packages are scanned as delivered instead of "out for delivery" when the carrier is sorting the mail for their daily route. This can cause confusion and frustration for customers who are expecting their package but have not yet received it. Almost always, these packages are delivered later that day or the next delivery day.
  • Mail is an important part of our everyday lives, and it is often times picked up by other family members. It is important to make sure that the package you are expecting has not been picked up by another member of your household. Checking with the other members of your household will many times resolve a missing package problem.
  • Despite the best efforts of mail carriers to deliver packages on-time and accurately, mistakes can still happen. Unfortunately, some packages may get delivered to the wrong address. If you've been waiting for a package that has not arrived, it's important to take the next step and check with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered to them. This is an easy way to find out if your package has been misplaced and can save you time and money. It's also a great way to start building relationships with your neighbors, as they may be able to help you in the future. Checking with your neighbors is a simple but effective step in locating any lost or misdirected packages.
  • When it comes to solving problems related to mail, the best way to get help is by going directly to the source. If all other attempts fail, the next step is to visit your local post office and contact the post master or Officer In Charge (OIC). They can provide you with useful information that can assist you in finding your package. When a package is delivered, the carrier scans the bar code and marks it delivered. This also stores GEO data of the location that the carrier is at when the scan occurred. Your post office can look at this information and find out the actual location of the delivery. 
  • Unfortunately, mail theft is becoming more and more common. It can be a major inconvenience and cause a lot of stress. If you have followed the previous tips without any progress, then you could be a victim of mail theft. You can report any suspected mail theft at

while there could be other reasons that your package can not be found, these are the most common.


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