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COVID-19 Update

for immediate release
April 14, 2020

We are currently operating at full staff for online orders.

Some of our suppliers are located in states that have strict lock down orders and we can not get our supplies to restock some items at this time. Other partners that we use are open and shipping but with reduced workforce. We are getting restocked from those partners but it is slower than normal. We apologize for the large number of items that are currently out of stock. We are researching other sources for some of these items so we can get them back in stock as soon as possible. 

Please be safe and many thanks to all of our loyal customers.

Cupid Falls Farm

Update 4/13/2022

  • We are seeing most supply issue worsen. The main cause of our current issues seem to center around FedEx. Deliveries that once took 4 to 5 days are now taking 4 to 5 week and some of the orders are just not showing up at all. This has effected our fiber supplies the most. We apologize for the low stock issues. We are requesting all of vendors to find alternative couriers to help us get back to a normal stock level. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Update 11/2/2021

  • Supply chain issues are resulting in lower than normal stock and delays are increasing as we try our best to keep items in stock. We are still shipping in stock items within 2 business days of receiving the order but delivery may be delayed as all carriers are experiencing labor shortages.

Updated 2/4/2021

  • The mill that supplies a large amount of our fibers has been hit hard by COVID and they are running a very reduced staff. We expect shortages on a number of the items that we source from them. It could be 30 days before some of these items are restocked.
  • USPS has cleared a lot of the holiday backlog but distribution centers and local post office are still running with reduced staff due to the pandemic. We are still seeing some delays in delivery but they seem to be isolated at this time. 

Updated 12/24/2020

  • USPS is experiencing huge delays due to the holiday load and the reduction in work staff as a result of the pandemic. While many packages are being delivered in a reasonable time frame, there are a number of packages that may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Please be patient while the post office works thru their backlog. For our part we are making an extra effort to ship all orders with 1 business day of receiving it. 

Update 12/3/2020

  • Aluminum acetate should be back in stock this week in limited supply.
  • International shipping has been turned off for all locations except the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you need international delivery outside of the countries listed please contact us. 

Update: 11/2/2020

  • Aluminum Acetate is still in short supply and has been a challenge to source. We currently do not have an estimate on when we will receive additional quantities.
  • One of our fiber supply mills is located in the UK and they are about to enter another lockdown period. This may affect our stock levels on certain fibers. We will update this when we have more information.

Update: 9/10/2020

  • We are still shipping 99%+ of our orders within 1 business day. Most orders are still being delivered in a normal time period although we are seeing a number of shipments experience some delays. Both USPS and UPS are experiencing staff shortages. 

Update: 7/26/2020

  • Most of products are currently back in stock. We are getting regular shipments from our suppliers but logistics have been slow due to the pandemic. Please let us know if you need an update on an out of stock item.

Update: 5/17/2020 

  • Felting Pads: Back in stock
  • Bulky Corriedale: Still unavailable due to pandemic shutdown. Still no estimated date on when we will be able to re-supply.
  • Natural Dyes: Some items remain hard to get at this time. We are working hard to find some alternative sources. Aluminum acetate could remain out of stock for the foreseeable future.


  • Bulky Corriedale: The mill that supplies this fiber is currently closed due to the COVID virus. We do not have an estimate at this time for when operations will restart and we can resupply these products. This would include corriedale sliver, woodland collection, shades of gray collection, galaxy collection and tuti fruti collection.
  • Felting Pads: Our supplier for this product is located in a state that is currently on mandatory lock down. We are currently looking at other alternatives but realistically we do no expect this product line to be back at full inventory for at least another 45 days.

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