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40 Gauge Spiral Felting Needles

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40 Gauge Spiral Felting Needles

Step into the world of efficient crafting with our cutting-edge 40 Gauge Spiral Felting Needles. Tailor-made for felting enthusiasts, they are a blend of innovation and practicality. Firstly, these needles boast a unique 40 gauge spiral design. This feature significantly speeds up fiber interlocking, making your felting process smoother and quicker.

Furthermore, the spiral blade enhances the consistency of your work. Whether tackling intricate designs or larger projects, these needles deliver exceptional results. Additionally, their construction is both fine and robust. This dual quality reduces the common issue of breakage found in standard needles, making them a durable choice.

Moreover, the sharp, pointed tips facilitate easy penetration into various felting materials. This aspect is particularly beneficial, as it lessens hand fatigue during prolonged use. As a result, crafting becomes a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Versatility is another key attribute of these needles. They are perfect for diverse felting techniques like 3D sculpting, surface felting, and wool painting. Their precision allows for detailed work, ensuring your projects have crisp, clean lines.

Conclusively, our Spiral Felting Needles cater to both professional felt artists and hobbyists. They come in a secure, easy-to-store package, providing convenience and safety. By choosing these needles, you elevate your felting experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable. They are not just tools but partners in your creative journey.


  • Working Blade Gauge: 40
  • Shank Gauge: 15
  • Intermediate Shank Gauge: 18
  • Blades: 3
  • Barbs per Blade: 2
  • Total Number of Barbs: 6
  • Barb Spacing Type: “C”
  • Barb Type: “GB”
  • Shank Type: Double Reduced 
How do felting needles work?

Each needle has a number of barbs that catch the fiber as it is pushed through the project. This causes the fibers to become entangled to make a solid felt. The greater the number of barbs, the faster the project will felt.

What is Felting Needle Gauge?

The term “Gauge” simply refers to the thickness of the barb. There are many tables on the web that will let you convert from gauge to millimeters or inched but for the craft felter, its really not important. Gauge is a simple whole number that’s easy to remember. The confusing part about gauge is the larger the gauge, the smaller the shaft size. I.e. a 32-gauge needle will have a larger shaft diameter larger than that of a 42-gauge needle. Also, keep in mind that the larger the shaft size, the larger to whole left in your project. For quick felting, 32 gauge 9 point needles will felt quicker than 40 gauge 3 barb needles. The 40 gauge 3 barb needles will, however, leave a smoother service.

How do I care for my felting needles?

Felting needles are very delicate and break easily if not used properly. They designed to go into industrial machines that hold thousands of needles at a time and operate in an up and down motion. Using your needles at a sever angle, twisting manor or in a manner that would cause them to bend can cause them to break. Also, take care that the pad you felt on is thick enough to allow the needles to not hit the hard surface under the pad. This is the quickest and most common way to break needles. Felting needles are for dry felting and will rust if exposed to water or moisture.

If you are purchasing needles for a multi needle tool or felting machine, please ask before you purchase to make sure they will fit.


  • Needles are very sharp, please use caution when using.
  • Children should always be supervised while using or handling Needles.
  • Always felt on an appropriate surface.
  • Needles are delicate and can break easily, use proper care when using.

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I have great appreciation for Cupid Falls...

I have great appreciation for Cupid Falls needles and wool fibers. Every order is perfect and quickly shipped.

Great product and fast shipping

Great product and fast shipping

Great! Customer Service, Shipping, Item Qu...

Great! Customer Service, Shipping, Item Quality all 5 stars !

Excellent product and fast shipping, great...

Excellent product and fast shipping, great price too.

ready to get felting, thanks

ready to get felting, thanks

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